Toolbox Images

As the orderly Germans love to say „Muddle makes trouble“. Toolboxes are of great help in that case.

With a toolbox, every gadget has its place and is ready for use: let it be for the private hobby, for the mobile craftsmen or for the life-saving assignment.

Toolbox1 Toolbox2 Toolbox3

With a small mobile toolbox, the littering chaos comes to an end. The tool case be tailor made to your requirements or chosen from one of the professional series. There will always be a good solution.

Galore Flightcase Sample 0015 Galore Flightcase Sample 0081 toolcase 4

If your space requirements are higher, a mobile tool case fitted with heavy duty wheels, drawers and if you wish with electrical connection might be just right. Talk to us!

feuerwehr P1010693 P1010694 P1010696 P1010699 P1010698

Also professional units rely on our know-how. Toolboxes of a different kind: here we fitted the interior of an emergency vehicle for the local fire fighters: clearly arranged, safely stored and quickly assessible when needed in an emergency.