SKB Cases Images

SKB Cases – Rely on something that has been tested under worst case circumstances.

3I-2015-10B-center 3I-2015-10B-bottom  3I-2015-10B-E-gear-left

3I-2015-10B-back 3I-2015-10B-pull-handle 3I-group-01

The SKB cases of the 3i series have been produced with the injection molding technique. This ensures fine details while providing strength and durability.

3R3214-15B-EW Open Left 3R3214-15B Wheels 3r-group-PopUp

The 3r series is produced with an inflation technique, therefore being able to provide large cases still combined with the necessary strength to carry heavy loads comfortably.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA roto-x-icon-100x100

The roto-x SKB cases are produced in a rotation method, resulting in nearly industructable structures.

SKB3I09074BC-f5 SKB1916

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