Material and Design

Case versions

SKB Cases be available in different versions.

SKB 3i-Serie

3I-group The 3i-series are made ​​of polypropylene in the high-pressure injection process, the so-called „injection molding“ process.

The first SKB case was manufactured in 1977 in a small garage in Anaheim, California. Today, SKB forth for hundreds of applications in industry and the military for cases and carrying case with great variation.

SKB 3r-Serie

3r-group-PopUpThe cases of the 3r-series are made of polypropylene, however, in contrast to the 3i-series, the 3r-series cases this type be produced in the inflation process.

This enables the productione also of large robust and durable cases.

SKB Roto X-Series

roto-x_groupeSKB Roto X Cases are made out of polypropylene and produced on a rotating basis. The pulverulent polypropylene is placed in a mold and than under continuously rotated under influence of high temperature. This melts the polypropylene and rests it against the mold walls. This design can create very large and stable cases, which are nearly indestructible.

Also the cases for musicians and for event equipment are made ​​from high quality polypropylene and ensure your tailor-made upholstery and 19 Insch cases for safe protection.

Whether guitar case, Clarinette cases, Oboe and Drums Cases – We have the perfect case for you and provide protection and safety.

For some cases we also offer a soft padded bag version.

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