Version and options

Case versions and options

A simple distinction is actually madewith the 3 different basic flightcase forms and designs which in turn are divided into subgroups, or in combination, provide all the other designs. This adds up to a multitude of different case versions and options.


The „Trunk-Case“ – the classic model for transport.

Trunk cases usually dissplay a high trunk and flat lid. Trunk-Cases often have flexible deviders in sliding grooves. Also there are sometimes trunk cases available which are foldable to gain space and safe transport cost when they are empty. Mostly the lid is hinged on the trunk but it can also be ordered as removable lid to get better access to the open case.


Theoretically the „Combo Case“ is nothing else than a turned over „Trunk Case“.

This design is suitable whenever the transported goods would be too heavy to be removed from the trunk or are too bulky.

The combo Case style allows you to keep the goods on the remaining bottom part and lift the case hood up.


Racks – usually also named cabinets are mostly build as a 19-inch rack.

Often this case design is used as merchandise case or toolcase (with additional drawers or shelfs).

Moreover it is possible to combine this case design with the others to get even more flexibility. How about for example separate doors?


Of course we also offer interior with padding, drawers or special fixtures or devices, dividers, shelf panels, shelves or compartments.

Subdividers are implemented quickly and expand the application area. Upon request we offer also cushion inserts, machined by water jet cutting. Please contact us for further questions.

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