Case building – What exactly happens

Depending on the design of a case and the materials used, case building is performed in our company in the following steps:

1. Design and Layout

casedesignerTogether with the customer and based on his requirements we design the favoured case. For this raw-design we are using special software. This will then automatically create a 3D drawing and a construction material list that we need later in our production process.

2. Picking material

komissionInside of our production process the first step is the collection of the needed fittings and parts.

All necessary parts will be picked in our parts department up front of the building process.

3. Cutting and Sawing of aluminum profiles

doppelgaerungssaegeSimultaneously, we start inside the production linethe cutting of the needed aluminium profiles to the correct length.

4. Processing and Milling of the surface materials

formatH24 FraeseParallel to the cutting of the profiles, the surfaces are machined. For this purpose we use a CNC mill. In this step we bring the surfaces already in the correct dimension and and fit in also all necessary cutouts and rivet holes. In this way, a 100% accuracy and perfect design is guaranteed, also if you want to re-order more cases some time later.

5. Assembly

artikel10122Now we bring together what belongs together. Our employees are now building up the parts of each individual case. Whether individually crafted, small batch or mass production – the process is the same. Only with this process we can ensure the high quality of our cases.

6. Interior and Upholstery

Innenausbau_4Of course we also offer interior with padding, drawers or special fixtures or devices. Dividers, shelf panels, shelves or compartment subdivisions are implemented quickly and expand the application area. Upon request we offer also cushion inserts and special layouts machined by water jet. Please contact us for more information.

7. Final Inspection and Delivery

versand Finally, we want to make sure that only high quality cases are shipped to the costumer. Therefore all cases will be controlled again deeply and will than be packed. Now the case is ready for shipment by mail, carrier or for collection by the customer.