How do I order my flightcase?

Simply send us your enquiry including inside dimension and some information on payload and desired case format/case style. We will get back to you with a free quotation as soon as possible or contact you if we need more details.

What are the costs for shipping and handling?

Shipping costs are directly depending on destination, size and weight of the delivery. You can find an overview on our website. For large shipments, we contact a shipment company in advance for the costs.

For how long do I have to wait for production and delivery of my order?

Delivery time very much depends on the size of the order and the order situation here in the company. Of course we also have to consider holiday season. Usually, delivery time will be ca. 3-5 working days as stated in the shop. For special designs and costume-made cases delivery time will be ca. 5-8 working days. The exact delivery time will be stated in the quotation or order confirmation.

Which payment options do I have?

Payment in advance is required for your first order. For large orders the payment options are discussed with you individually in advance. When ordering via the online shop, different payment options are possible: Pay-Pal, bank transfer, cash on delivery, invoice. Please notice that the latter two choices will only be offered after frequent orders.

Can I re-order a (custom-build) case?

All important data of your order will be stored in a data back-up under consideration of the data protection act. Therefore we can deliver subsequently all parts of your case or re-build a new one.

Which documents do I need for exportation?

You need special documents or certificates for costums or import/export, including non-EU countries?
For all products manufactured or distributed by Galore Flightcase, we can provide the following documents on request:

Tax key evidence (Zollnummernnachweis),
Proof of origin (Ursprungsnachweis),
Long-term suppliers declaration (Lieferanten-Langzeiterklärung) (EG 1207/2001)

If you need further documents or declarations, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Where can I find explanations for technical terms?

In our glossary you can find an increasing amount of explanations and examples of the component parts we use. With all the technical options, the use of specific terms seems to be unavoidable.

For all other questions not explained here, you can always contact our helpful support team. Don’t hesitate!